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PageLinks and Google Suggest Links

Google are really trying to push on new features for Google Search at present.

I’ve already covered how the local search options are now being pushed on Google UK (even though a cursory test here shows the results to be poor – try searching for the HSBC branch in Inverness – I get one IFA, a B&B, and a couple of engineering companies instead!).

However, Danny Sullivan covers a couple of new features Google are adding in – one he calls “Pagelinks”, the other as links in Google Suggest.

PageLinks works as an enhanced feature for listings, allow users to jump straight into most popular pages, as well as webmasters provide specific information for Google to extract – the example Danny gives on CitySearch is very interesting indeed.

The new Google Suggest feature has Google adding direct links and even PPC adds into Google Suggest.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the rate of change Google is making with Google Search almost suggests Google feels their search offering is broken, or else being out competed, and is desperately trying to implement anything they can that “may” help the user experience.

This too easily looks like techies and programmers getting carried away with themselves, and simplying implementing features because they can, rather than because they are needed.

Most of us use Google for search because it’s easy to use and providers relevant results, with Google’s previous focus on the user experience as a key reason for its success.

So why as a market leader does Google need to keep pushing on more and more new features? Do they think we’ll stop using Google Search because the solid and dependable platform may not change often enough?

Coming on the back of the forced opt-in for ordering results for those searching while logged into a user account suggests that Google may be beginning to lose the plot a bit. I can understand Google wanting to take human user data and look for a useful signal, but with the above as well – it looks like over doing it. And if not careful, Google may end up sacrificing the human user experience.

The more bells and whistles Google put into search, the less likely these will be used. On my VCR I only need to play and record, I don’t need much more of that in my user experience.

The alternative suggestion is that Google really does feel threatened by Microsoft and is pushing on a big experimental phase, in order to see exactly what works so that when a serious rival finally approaches, Google can ensure it keeps in the lead. Trouble with that, is that whatever format Google uses is too easy to copy.

While I’m sure Google have every confidence in testing PageLinks and Google Suggest, it’s worth warning the company that people often don’t like change when what they ordinarily have works so well. Don’t break your own search box, Google!

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Money Saving Tips With Internet Online Shopping

Learn great money saving tips with online shopping as they could really give you huge savings if you practice them well. Internet online shopping has been gathering popularity as you can easily sift through many online stores in the shortest time frame to get the best deal, at the click of a mouse button. With discount vouchers, discount codes or promotional codes, you can save even more when shopping online.

5 Essential Money Saving Tips With Internet Online Shopping

1. Always aim for the best deal and save more for the item(s) you desire. Do not immediately settle down with your purchase on the first online store that you come across. Scout through a few of them and make your price comparison to get the best deal. Lookout for sale items especially. Sale prices can be dramatically lower than the standard prices and help you to save big.

2. Always use coupons or discount voucher codes if you know where to check online. There are many websites out there that offer thousands of coupons to almost every online store.

Typically you pay 20% more for an item for shipping fee, and if you are able to save that much with discount vouchers, you are essentially getting free shipping for your items. Every time you get to the last checkout page, just key in the promotional code into the little box will do.

3. Always keep an eye for online rebates given by retailers that can help to save a huge percentage on the selling price. Simple fill out a little form and cut out the UPC code. Use these rebates and save big.

4. Always look out for sites or items that come with free shipping. As mentioned above, shipping fee is normally 20% more than the item price itself. Saving on your shipping can be tremendous if your item costs a lot.

5. Do not miss out those state retailers that do not charge sales tax for your items for your state. The money saving here could be significant too.

With money saving tips above and if you have practiced them well, you can add up and see how much you have easily saved for yourself. The best part is, you don’t even have to walk into a store to save a bundle. Spend some time to search online and I am sure you can find more money saving offers and tips out there. Start saving and enjoy living debt free today!

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