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Using Articles to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Programs

One of the best tools available to boost your affiliate marketing programs is Articles. Using keyword articles to promote your business will lead traffic to your websites, the life blood of any internet affiliate programs. The keywords typed on the search box of search engines will display articles indexed with those keywords, which ultimately leads targeted traffic to your website.

Write your articles with informative content. Include information that internet surfers will be interested in, by providing this information through your articles you can drive targeted visitors to your website. Writing articles is a major tool used by most internet affiliate programs today, and if you are not writing articles to promote your affiliate marketing programs, you should be.

There are many benefits by writing articles, just remember that content is the key. You want your articles to provide information that a visitor can use, but at the same time, you also want to leave room for them to want to visit your website. Basically, don’t give out all your information. Leave something out that will draw their attention to your website.

Articles are free to submit to directories so they are an excellent source of advertising for your website or product. Remember to include information about yourself and link to your website. You would be amazed at the number of articles that are submitted with no author or website information.

One way to submit your articles to hundreds of directories is to purchase article submission software. The article submission software comes with a list of current directories and allows you to enter your information into a ready made form. You just click on each directory and the information is filled for you automatically, than all you do is press confirm.

Another thing to consider when submitting to article directories is look for directories that have a low alexa rank. Article directories that have an alexa rank below one hundred thousand are an excellent source for targeted visitors. You can check the article directory alexa rank by going to the alexa website and entering their website name for current ranking information.

Remember, there are many advantages by submitting articles. One good reason is you will be able to obtain a link back to your website if you utilize the resource box. If another website uses your article for content on their site, it is still working for you as your URL link should still be intact.

One of the best ways to make money is to promote your affiliate marketing programs using articles. Articles give you and your website more credibility and put you as someone of authority to your visitors. This weighs heavy in comparison between the traffic to your website and the conversion rate.

Your affiliate marketing programs and a good action plan utilizing articles are one of the best ways of making money on the internet. Just remember to provide good content and valuable information that is needed to attract targeted visitors to your website for a better overall conversion rate of your product. One final note, it does take more than just one article to see the results of your marketing efforts.

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The Five-Step Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing can be a bit confusing for beginners, what with the fast-paced developments of internet marketing in general. Basically, affiliate marketing refers to developing websites and email marketing strategies that drive traffic and purchases to your partner companies. Here is the 5 step guide to start your own online business.

Step 1 – Niche market

The first thing you need to worry about as an affiliate is your niche market. In layman’s terms, a niche market is a more specific matrix of consumer characteristics that help you choose what specialized products to endorse.

After all, it’s easier to cater to a market that looks for clothing designed for pregnant women in their 30s, than a market that looks for clothing in general. This will help you plan your website “look” and your articles’ angle, as well as the contents and tone of your ebook and/or newsletters.

Step 2 – Freebies

A sure way to attract email subscribers is by offering useful freebies. Instead of just designing sales copies to make your affiliate product look enticing, you should come up with free online courses and/or informative ebooks to compliment your goods.

Step 3 – Opt-in pages

Building opt-in pages helps you build high quality email listings so you can avoid being categorized as spam. Most email servers are now equipped with anti-spam mechanisms that help subscribers filter the mails that they get online. Gathering email addresses of interested people, in this case, is definitely more effective than emailing random addresses.

Step 4 – Plan your follow up emails

You should spread out your follow up email carefully. If certainly doesn’t help to send out daily emails to everyone in your list. When you’re too persistent in your affiliate marketing efforts, you’ll only come off as annoying. You should give your consumers enough breathing space and send out monthly or weekly newsletters with relevant content.

Step 5 – Be aggressive in driving consistent traffic

You will want to have your own 7 day traffic plan so that you will the actions that you will have to take on a daily basis to drive traffic to your website. There are many different ways to get targeted traffic to your website but it will be more practical for you to choose 1 to 3 methods as your core strategy of getting traffic to your website. Be consistent in this activity.

Here is the 5 step guide on starting your own online business. There is a system behind every successful business and you can make use of this simple guide to start off on the right. Apply the knowledge and you will see the power of this simple system.

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Wealthy Affiliate Member Benefits

As a Wealthy Affiliate Member myself I would like to give some data on what I believe, what I think to be the Wealthy Affiliate Member Benefits so that you can perhaps decide for yourself if you are thinking of joining this affiliate marketing school.

There are literally thousands of people all over the world who regard themselves as a Wealthy Affiliate Member and one thing is quite clear, thing is evident, we want to be members. Being a Wealthy Affiliate Member must therefore appeal to us in some way. So what are the Wealthy Affiliate Member Benefits?

Initially, as a Wealthy Affiliate Member, you can enroll in an,can start to study an,can work at an 8 Week Training exercise,education course. Wealthy Affiliate have put together the most detailed, most comprehensive, most complete, and easy to understand “getting started” guide that is availiable, anywhere on the internet,anywhere on the web. This training exercise,education course took literally hundreds of hours to compile, to arrange,to write and is full of,is stuffed with more content than 2-3 full e-books. You will not find anything like this on the web,like this on the internet today and Wealthy Affiliate offer it to you to guide you through the vital first,important first 8 weeks of your Internet marketing career.

There is even more education as a Wealthy Affiliate Member. It is possible to watch training,to look at training videos in the latest Internet marketing techniques with the Wealthy Affiliate Member Video Vault. Here you will be able to visually learn from topics like Google Adwords to keyword research techniques. If you are a visual learner, this will be for you. New videos are added all the time too, so there will always be new subjects to view and learn.

Many people have said that access to the Wealthy Affiliate Member forum alone is worth more than the cost of the membership. If you take advantage of only the Wealthy Affiliate Member forum you will elevate your earning potential online as this is a spot where you can communicate with millionaire affiliates and also work together with aspiring members to help create success online.

There’s hardly a single Wealthy Affiliate Member that does not have at least one website but being a member, there is no need to pay for hosting you websites elsewhere when you have it included in your Wealthy Affiliate Member account? Wealthy Affiliate’s large website hosting service that rival that of Godaddy makes sure that your sites are always open for business.

The system known as NicheQ unlocks the most profitable niches by giving,by offering the Wealthy Affiliate Member with in-depth research reports, and resources. Not only does NicheQ report hot niches, you get professionally built custom websites, keyword lists, untapped article & SEO keywords, pre-written follow-up emails, and private discussion forums.

Published by Wealthy Affiliate members themselves, the Share Zone contains short courses, tutorials, documents, video and audio provided to help fellow members. Constantly updated with new material this valuable sector has always something new to take advantage off.

Keywords are used to help your product get found on the web, found online. Finding the right keywords to use is sometimes difficult and the KeyWord tool available to Wealthy Affiliate Members helps your search providing you with helpful information that you need to be successful.

There are many more reasons why I consider being a Wealthy Affiliate Member to be more than good value but a vital ingredient to my online marketing success.

I’m married with a young son and when I have some free time I run my own internet marketing business. I have a more detailed report on Wealthy Affiliate at: Wealthy Affiliate Member
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