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Web Contact:
Software: ?
Status: no-fee service

We are a free mailing list provider providing total control over your lists via the WWW.
Email Contact:,
Web Contact:
Software: Majordomo
Status: free mail lists provides free mailing lists to those people who want a small mailing list. There are also other free net services that we provide (visit above URL for more information). is currently at (or very close to) its max number of lists it will host. Feel free to apply for a list by contacting us, but be aware that might not be able to host the list for you at this time.

Expansion, LLC
Email Contact:
Web Contact:
Software: LetterRip
Status: free service with ads

Small sponsorship message in each posting. Minimum of 50 current subscribers to open new account. Maximum of 10 kilobytes per message. Moderated lists accomodated. Includes web-based sub/unsub. Includes custom email headers if required. Includes a digest (daily or weekly) if required. Includes promotional support if required. Includes searchable web archive (if required).
Email Contact:
Software: SPAM an RDBMS-backed Web System
Status: No Fee Service

A service intended for Web publishers who wish to collect names, addresses, and demographic information from readers without the hassle of maintaining a relational database themselves. It is not a mailing list in the Listserv sense. You, the administrator, are the only person who can send mail to the list. Users receive mail that appears to have come directly from you. If they reply, it is directly to the email address that you specify. Most typically, this service is used by Web publishers to apprise readers of new documents. However, via Web forms, you can configure SPAM to collect custom information and to deliver custom confirmation pages. For example, you could easily use the system to collect names of users who register to try out demo software and then deliver them a page with downloading instructions.

Horizon Online
Software: Majordomo
Status: no-fee service

Horizon OnLine host mailing lists supported by the latest version of majordomo giving list owners full control whilst being off site. Help is provided for list owners in using majordomo. We can also supply a web page for the list and POP3 accounts to manage the list from if required. We are well connected for the USA and Europe, being connected by UUNET provides adequate bandwidth for your lists

IGV InterLink
Email contact:
Web Contact: (Majordomo Service Site)
Software: Majordomo (with Majorcool)
Status: no fee service

IGV InterLink offers a free mailinglist hosting service for the internet community. Lists are not blindly accepted, but we’re willing to review every request. IGV InterLink is a students assosication, providing extended internet access for the students at Fontys Hogescholen, the Netherlands.

Email Contact:
Web Contact:
Software: Written by Core Networks Inc.
Status: free searchable list archiving

ListQuest came about because some of our staff were members of active lists, but the lists did not have searchable archives. So we wrote an engine to provide the archives. The members loved it and told others. Soon we added a few more lists and so it goes. The engine has been upgraded three times since inception and a new version is in the works. The service is FREE and we actively FIGHT SPAM. We also host lists that we are archiving, and have a dedicated Sun running Majordomo for this purpose.

The Mail Archive
Email Contact:
Web Contact:
Software: mhonarc + htdig
Status: free searchable list archiving

We specialize in doing only one thing — list archiving. The Mail Archive offers searchable archiving services for public Internet mailing lists. The goal is to make outsourcing mailing list archives as easy or easier than doing it yourself. You may archive your list at the Mail Archive regardless of where the list itself is hosted.

OakNet Publishing
Email Contact: Phil Tanny
Web Contact:
Software: ListSTAR
Status: free autoresponders and announcement lists

OakNet Publishing offers free autoresponders and announcement lists (newsletter mailings etc) to businesses and organizations in exchange for permission to attach small ads for our listserv services to the top and bottom of outgoing mails. We also offer commercial accounts for those who would prefer not to display our ads in their mailings. Most commercial accounts are $25/month. Discussion groups are available for our commercial customers. We provide friendly and attentive customer service to both our free and commercial accounts and use very flexible software (ListSTAR) which allows us to customize our services to meet each customers unique needs.

Email Contact:
Web Contact:
Software: custom
Status: free list hosting and archiving

ONElist provides free, easy to use and reliable list services. You can start and manage new mailing lists, subscribe to existing mailing lists and view archives of old list messages, all from the ONElist web site. ONElist supports many different types of mailing lists, including announcement lists, restricted lists, moderated lists, and open lists.

Prodigy Services Corporation
Email Contact:
Web Contact:
Software: Majordomo
Status: free list support for certain topic areas

Prodigy mailing lists are free and open to anyone. Many are related to our communities, but any topic may be considered. Prodigy Services Corporation is not accepting any new Mailing Lists at this time, although existing lists are being maintained.
Email Contact: Benji Spencer,
Web Contact:
Software: Majordomo
Status: free mail lists hosts free mailing lists for people who would like them. Some features include the use of Major Cool, MHonArc, and a subscribe/unsubscribe web page interface. Each list will be dealt with on a personal level, but there is no intent to limit the lists, unless there becomes a problem with bandwidth/machines.

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