Run Linux in Windows

Many users of Windows XP and Vista will want to try Linux at some point, often just to see what all the fuss is about. There are many different Linux distributions and it isn’t convenient for a non-technical user to set up dual booting alongside an existing Windows install. Thankfully, there are tools available which mean you can play with a full Linux install inside the familiar surroundings of Microsoft Windows.
There are several pieces of software that let you run a virtual PC within Windows, allowing you to install virtually any operating system in an emulated PC environment. There are two main solutions available, firstly the free
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, which is reasonably good and easy to install. The second choice is also a free piece of software and is called VMware Player, and features several more advanced features. For this article we will be using the MS Virtual PC virtualisation software as it provides more flexibility in the free version.

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