Postcard Marketing Ideas

A great way to generate sales and prospect leads is by sending postcards to your target customers. Postcards are read much more often than unsolicited letters. In addition, they are much more effective, because they allow you to put attractive content into a small area. Plus, they include a short message, which is always a good thing. Customers never like to be tied down by a lengthy sales pitch; in fact, they normally will not even bother to read one.

But finding ways to incorporate a postcard printing project into your marketing strategy can sometimes be very difficult. Here are some ideas.

• Use them as a way to allow your customers to subscribe to a newsletter or some other publication. Of course, if you don’t already publish a newsletter, you will need to do so in order to use this technique. But if you do, a postcard subscription offer can be a great trick. It serves as a way to increase interest in your newsletter, and acts as an advertisement on its own.

• Use them as order forms. If your company sells products, put a small order form on a postcard and send it to potential customers. This makes it easy for them to buy from you…which is always a good idea.

• Use them as surveys. I am a big believer in sending out postcard surveys. It is important to communicate with your customers and potential customers to find out if you are marketing correctly. Send out some postcards to find out. One note about these, though: if you send out a survey postcard that you want customers to return, make sure you pay for the return postage. Otherwise, you will not get a very good response.

• Use them as coupons or special offers. Sales and specials are still the best way to get a customer’s attention. And postcards are some of the most effective advertising materials. So why not combine the two? Put a coupon on a postcard, which the recipient can bring into the store for a discount.

• Use them to make announcements. Talking about something new or improved is always a good attention grabber, even if it is a bit of a stretch of the truth. You can always send out postcards announcing a sale or a new product or whatever you can think of, and they will always generate a healthy response.

Hopefully these ideas will help you find ways to incorporate postcards into your marketing strategy. Always make sure to include your contact info on any postcards that you send out. And always tell the customer exactly what they need to do to take advantage of your services. A “call to action” is always a good idea, too: try to give the customer a sense of urgency to act.

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