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Whizzing around in the vast 3D complexity of today’s modern games, I often wonder if gaming has really taken a step forward since the good ole’ days of DOS and 3.1 in anything other than graphics. Weak plots, frustrating challenges, lame puzzles, all attempting to cloak the one and only intent: KILL EVERYTHING.

I have no problem with killing everything… its true, after a stressful day there are few things I enjoy more, but other days I can help being bored and somewhat disappointed by it. My mind can’t help but think back to the days when games cost a few pounds on tape or diskette, each bringing something new and exciting to the gaming world. This was back in the days when gamers made games in their bedrooms, many a millionaire was created by such simple means, even back when game tapes cost less than £5 and more people had model railway sets than Personal Computers! I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest the the money driven mania that is the gaming industry today is persistently failing its loyal customers more and more, with every title formulaically spewed out.

But there is hope!

Why not get those old diskettes out from their dusty old boxes, filled with nostalgia and get installing! Don’t panic if you haven’t kept the old disks, they’re broken or you can’t find your favourite – Abandonware is here to save you. Games get the title of abanonware when they are no longer published or discontinued. This means they are free to copy, distribute and download.
In this guide I’m going to show you how to get your old DOS/3.1/Win95 games working on your newer Win2000/XP machine and how to ’emulate’ them if needed. I’m also going to show you where you can find and download your favourite old games for free.

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