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You have the most unique item to sell on eBay, and you have done the research, set the best starting price, got your listing a beautiful template and even written a killer listing title, however, at the end of the day, you get zero sale because nobody ever noticed your listings. Does it sound familiar? Yes, it is no doubt a common problem most eBay sellers are facing, even Power Sellers encounter the same problem at times.

Solution? All you need is advertising and BidVertiser has a state-of-art solution for you. BidVertiser is a site-targeted advertising network allowing you to run advertisement of your eBay listings and Stores on other people’s websites. Not only you can choose the sites to place your ad on, you can also target your audience geographically. You are only required to pay when someone clicks on the advertisement and visits your eBay listing or eBay Store at a minimum cost of 5 cents per click.

Advertising drives traffic, traffic boosts sales. To let you experience the power of pay-per-click advertising, BidVertiser is now offering eBay Sellers a free $20 worth of clicks, that’s approximately about 400 visitors. Do you often get 400 visitors to your eBay listings and Stores? Isn’t it already a good deal to try it out? Wait no more, and stop wasting your time hoping for someone to come to your listings while there are millions of auction listings on eBay. Visit BidVertiser today and start receiving new targeted prospects in less than 10 minutes.

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