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Linguistic and cultural diversity are realities of development, and knowledge is expressed and conveyed in all languages and cultures. ICT can transcend all languages and cultures, and it is our willingness to exploit that potential that will make a difference in ensuring full access to technology for effective participation of all in development and in the knowledge society. Localisation of ICT includes ensuring content and user interfaces are available in all users’ languages, and adapted to cultural preferences and sensitivities. It is a growing area of concern in research and in business sectors. Its application in development is an emerging and promising concern that merits greater attention from governments, academia and business sectors.

This session will address the following key questions:

  • What is localisation of ICT in local languages and cultures, and why is language important to development?
  • What are the trends in localisation of ICT and local language support by ICT in the world?
  • What does localisation bring to ICT4D and to development efforts based on ICT?
  • What does localisation of ICT mean for knowledge societies?


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